Monday, June 29, 2009

Dance School

Ever since Avery's dance recital, the girls have been obsessed with dancing. The dance lessons were a Christmas present last year for Avery, so we weren't planning on signing her up again in the fall, but they are slowing wearing me out! All they want to do is play "dance school" and count down until summer is over so they can go to dance school again.

Below is the ending of a conversation I walked in on a few Sundays ago. Elliana and Avery were discussing what class they would be in and how they would dance. In case you can't understand Elliana, she is adamantly saying that Avery will stand outside and watch her dance this time. Elliana stood outside and watched Avery dance this past year and I guess she figures its her turn to dance while Avery has to watch!

This is their new of them pretends to be Miss Macy, the teacher. The other one dresses up and is the student at dance school.

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Sara Beth said...

That is hilarious!