Friday, June 26, 2009

Family Fun Day

This morning we just enjoyed being a family. We didn't plan anything big. We just had fun together after a week of company and Brent being in San Antonio. We ran errands, we played, we laughed, and we relaxed. And look what Justus learned to do!

He's found his hands and now enjoys looking really hard at his fingers until he can either clasp them together or bring them to his mouth. Babies are so cute to watch as they learn things!
He's also holding his head up enough to try the exersaucer out!
Then, after naps, some of our friends came and took the girls swimming! The girls have only been in the pool twice this summer because its too hot for Justus to be outside and he starts crying after 20 minutes, plus he's too little to wear sunscreen in order to get in the pool. But the girls have been begging to learn to swim so when our friends offered to take them, both girls were so excited. They had a blast, and Brent and I had fun just having one kid to play with at home! The girls left the house and suddenly our house felt like a mansion and I had plenty of time to get everything done that needed to get done. Crazy how that works =)

So while the girls were gone, Justus "helped" me make brownies.
Then, after coming home from swimming, we had dinner and great conversation with our friends the Kimmels.
It was the perfect day to just reconnect as a family before we leave for vacation!

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EastCoastLove said...

So glad we could share in yalls fun day!! We would love to do it again :)