Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My Spiritual Journey

I will know mastery to the degree that I know the Master.

I've started a new book entitled "Mastery" by E. Stanley Jones. Its actually more like a devotional with a daily reading, but I'm not using it as my quiet time reading. I've been reading it throughout the day as I have time and it has given me some great fuel for thought.

I figure part of implementing the spiritual disciplines in my life is mastering my earthly desires and aligning them with what Christ desires of me. Mastering my thoughts in order to meditate and pray. Mastering my schedule in order to be able to practice solitude and silence. Mastering my laziness in order to practice studying the Word. Mastering my sinful self seemed to be a key which is why I love the above quote from the first page of the book and why I am reading the book.

I'm journeying towards that deep deep knowledge of Him who created me, lives in me, and walks with me so that the ultimate master may master me.

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