Sunday, June 28, 2009

Elliana's Antics

Brent was teaching the girls about God through a question and answer format at breakfast.
Brent: "Who do we seek?"

Elliana: "I seek something orange" (She thought we were playing "I spy". The right answer was "We seek the Lord our God" )

Elliana: (this was sung) "I'm going to play with all my friends. With Piper and all my friends and noooooooooot Avery." (sung quite a few times while we were on a walk one night. I guess we're about to start working on loving our sister!)

On the way to the doctor, I noticed Elliana getting quiet and her eyes getting big.

Me: Are you excited to go to the doctor?" (she usually LOVES going to the doctor)

Elliana: "I don't want a band aid. I'm gonna to tell dr. NO BAND AID. I gonna say it really loud. NO BAND AID." (The last time we were at the doctor, she got a shot and they put a band aid on her)
In the doctor's office:
Dr. "I'll be back in a minute to see about some medicine."

Elliana: (very frantic) "I said no band aid. I said no band aid!!" (we mistakenly told her the shot was just medicine in her leg last time. I quickly assured her this medicine would be swallowed!)
She also managed to poop at the top of the playland in Chic Fil A this past week. Her wonderful aunt was the one with her and used an entire pack of wipes trying to clean up the playland and Elliana all while Elliana was saying

"Its on my toes!"

"I want to lay down."

"I not a baby. No diaper." (Laura only had Justus' diaper bag with her so she had to put one of his diapers on Elliana. So Elliana left Chic Fil A in a tank top, a small diaper, and her blue crocs. I should have taken a picture when she got home.)

Laura earns major points for cleaning up this mess! This was the day before we discovered Elliana was sick with a virus and maybe needed to wear a pull up until this particular virus passed through her!

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Sara Beth said...

I'm only thinking more and more that our kids personalities line up. Zion would have been doing the same things! If they do, Justus will be a piece of cake! :-) Poor Laura!