Saturday, November 01, 2008

Family Fun Day

Friday means Family Fun Day! This Friday was pretty much all about Avery because she turns 3 on Nov. 1st. She was having her birthday party with all her friends on Saturday, so we made Friday her family birthday celebration.

Of course she picked McDonalds as the place to go for breakfast! Who knew the playland at McDonalds was ever empty? It was a blast and I think it was the first time Elliana ever actually got to play up in the tunnels because there were no big kids scaring her. They were both sweaty and tired by the time we pulled them out of the playland!

We went home and played in the toyroom while daddy put together her present from Gramps. Can you see the smile on her face =) She loved her new big girl bike! Thanks Gramps!

After naps, Avery also got to open her present from mommy and daddy. I had made a scrapbook for her over her 2nd year. Nothing fun like a bike, but one day she'll really like it =)

We ended the night with a fun costume party at some of our good friend's house. Avery was Goldilocks, Elli was baby bear, I was momma bear, and Brent was the hunter...Papa bear didn't make it =)

Another great family day together!!


Sara Beth said...

So fun! Happy 3rd birthday to Avery!!

OK Gran said...

What a beautiful and blessed family!