Saturday, November 15, 2008

Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day was an exciting day around here. We started the morning with a fun breakfast and then went to see pictures of our SON! He's healthy and weighs 12 oz right now. Avery thinks that's big enough for him to come out; then she decided she doesn't like boys anymore and would rather have a sister. When I reminded her she already had a sister, she responded with "I want a different one." hmmmmmm...I'm pretty sure she meant she wanted ANOTHER one, but we still had to have the talk about sisterly love =)
The rest of the afternoon was pretty shot, so we tried to salvage the evening by having a breakfast for dinner night followed by a game night.
Avery's favorite game is Buckeroo. Its this little horse that bucks every time you touch it too hard while trying to put all the gear on it. The girls could care less about putting the gear on, but boy do they laugh when that horse bucks. Who knew a bucking horse was such entertainment! Elliana's favorite game is Lucky Ducks. Unfortunately there is not an off switch on this game...the ducks just keep quacking and quacking and quacking...again hilarious fun for a 1 year old!

What do you all do for your family fun times???

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