Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Theology from a 3 year old

Me: "Jesus is always there to comfort you when you are scared."

Avery: "Sometimes he's sleeping though and I can't wake him up."

Me: "Jesus never sleeps. He's always awake and ready to listen to you."

Avery: "But in the story, he was sleeping in the boat. But maybe if I scream really loud like this 'JEEEEEEESUS' he'll wake up and hear me." (she's referring to Mark 4:36-41. Jesus Calms the Storm but the disciples have to wake him up)

Me: "Even though his friends woke him up in the story, Jesus is always ready to listen to you and can always hear you. You don't have to scream to get His attention."

Avery: "I probably do mommy. I never see Him when I just whisper."

Me: "Brent, your daughter needs to ask you some questions.

(Brent tells the rest of the story on his blog. Go read it by clicking here)


Laura said...

I just laughed out loud!

The Minter's said...

Brent's posting the rest of the conversation on his blog later today...needless to say, he ended up calling me back into the room to help him out =)

Martha said...

Love it!

Sara Beth said...

too cute. Love the team blogging effort

Dustin Jones said...

Ok that was funny! I just laughed really hard out loud. I can't wait to have those conversation with Brock. right now it is just about trying to figure out his crazy language.