Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Spiritual Journey...Prayer

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Thoughts that I'm contemplating this week:

1. Prayer is the breath of the soul. It is more difficult to NOT breathe than to breathe.

2. Prayer is a state of helplessness. It is an honest assessment of who we are and our inability to be worthy to commune with God. Nevertheless, we approach Him in helplessness knowing only through His power are we able to pray.

3. Our state of helplessness also comes from being unable to understand God fully. Matthew 11:6 warns against our letting this inability to understand God's ways become a stumbling block.

I'm meditating on these three thoughts from the book Prayer that I mentioned last week. Its been an interesting book so far. Lots of things to think about while I'm on vacation. Unfortunately the book reading is going a bit slow while we're out of town. Sharing a bedroom with my kids doesn't allow for time to read before turning off the light at night! I'll keep reading though and update you as I go.


Ben Robie said...

I looking at you right now.

The Minter's said...

Kind of creepy if you ask me

Ben Robie said...

Not as creepy as your husband who is sitting uncomfortably close to my wife.

The Minter's said...

You might be right. Maybe we should shut our computers down now and play some board games =)