Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Spiritual Journey

Here has been the progression of my thoughts throughout the past week.

I started the week reading Acts 9. "Go" in verse 11 and verse 15 kept popping out to me as I read and reread the passage. So naturally I started praying for God to tell me where to go or why he was putting the word "go" in my heart.

The next day as I was reading Acts 10, I wrote these two statements in my journal
  • God speaks to those who pray. Both Cornelius and Peter were men of prayer. It was during prayer that they both were able to hear about ways to better obey God.
  • God totally orchestrated this event. He gave 2 different men 2 different visions and prepared them to meet each other. God overcame the obstacles without the help of men.
So then I started meditating on the idea that I'm to go somewhere or to someone. God will reveal who or where to me as I pray and will overcome any obstacles that are in my way. Above all, he doesn't need my help to do it.

Then I read Acts 11 and these two verses stuck out in my mind all day
  • "They were told and a great many believed"
  • He saw the grace of God...he was glad, and he exhorted them to remain faithful with a steadfast purpose...he was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and of faith."
Oh to be able to tell others and have a great many of them believe! There's something stirring inside me to just share Christ. To find those who don't know the Truth and share with them. I know as believers we are called to share, and I do...when the circumstances are just right and the people are just right and the environment is just right and I have no fear of being rejected because their attitude towards me is just right.

This week, as I put together all my scattered thoughts in my journal, I see the Lord beginning to strip me of how I've always been comfortable sharing Christ with others. I feel Him telling me to be bold, at the park, at the grocery store, where ever. I know he is reassuring me that He will show me who to share with as I continue to pray and rely on Him and that He will overcome all obstacles I feel I have...such as being a ministers wife and a stay at home mom who doesn't have a whole lot of contact with nonbelievers and when I do meet nonbelievers, it is as I'm wrestling 3 kids in a grocery cart or at a park or somewhere like that!!

This week I long to be characterized as Barnabas was...full of the Holy Spirit and of faith. Faith that God can push me and develop in me that passion and obedience to share Christ with "a great many".

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