Monday, July 20, 2009


She has decided she likes to get warm under the rug rather than under a blanket. Under this particular rug is her new favorite place to lay and read books.

Me: "Elliana, you don't hit your sister. You need to look at your sister and tell her what?"

E: With a bit of an attitude, she turned to Aves and said "what!" Then she looked at me, smiled, giggled, and tried to run out of the room.

Me: "Elliana!"

E: She slowly crept back into the room, looked at me, looked at Avery, and very sheepishly said "sorry for hitting".

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mommykoo said...

LOL yah this morning, Abigail and Isaac tried to eat "beans" from a box that was labeled "Cootie Games: Don't spill the beans". I think Abigail had 3.... It's good to know other kids are not perfect either! =)