Friday, July 10, 2009

Family Fun Day

Today was a great day. We started the morning off with a little swim. One of the weirdest things about Texas is the lack of public pools! It seems like you have to live in a neighborhood with a community pool or join a gym with a pool in order to go swimming in this city =) Luckily, some good friends of ours let us borrow the key to their neighborhood pool so we were able to take the girls swimming. Elliana has no fear of the water and is a little fish, but Avery started off the morning petrified of the water.We went to this pool b/c they have a splash park that we thought Justus could enjoy a bit. Unfortunately the splash park was shut down for the day, so Justus and Brent hung out in the shade.

At the beginning of the morning, Avery had a death grip on my neck when we were in the water and started crying anytime I asked her to let go of me. She wouldn't put her face in the water, she wouldn't jump off the side, and she basically just wanted me to hold her. Here is a little video of what she looked like at the end of our time on Friday. I was so proud of her!!

After naps, we made cow costumes with the girls
And we all went to Chick Fil A to get our FREE dinner. I guess July 10th is National Cow Day or something like that and if you dress like a cow, they let you eat for free. So we went all out and thoroughly enjoyed our free dinner. We ended the night painting our fingernails and toes to get ready for a tea party the girls were invited to Saturday morning. Can you tell who didn't participate in the whole nail painting party?


Sara Beth said...

That is so awesome! We went to CFA with Brian's mom the day before dress like a cow and eat free day, so we weren't up for going again or it would have been a lot of fun! Looks like you guys had a great time--you're so creative!

Sara Beth said...

Oh, and our kids are the SAME WAY about the water...Micah is scared and Zion loves it. We just don't get to swim enough to try to combat the fear a little. Proud of Avery!