Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family Fun Day

This post is a bit late this weekend...I guess it means we had a fun weekend =)

Brent woke up Friday a bit sick, so we just hung close to home and found creative ways to hang out as a family.

The morning began with the boys fixing the bathroom molding, while the girls went to McDonalds to grab breakfast and release some energy in the playland. Its hard for Brent to get alone time with Justus with the girls around, so we tried to accomplish that this weekend.The kids took baths (when its too hot to swim outside, we pretend the bathtub is a swimming pool), we all played dress up, we jumped on the neighbors trampoline (we're definitely going to save to buy one of those this Christmas!), read books, and made popsicles. Brent: "What are we going to use to make popsicles?"
Me: "Water and food coloring".
Brent: "So we're making ice cubes?"
At least the girls thought it was a pretty cool idea =)

Friday night, we spent with our neighbors. Our neighbor asked Brent and I to talk with her daughter and share "our stories" with her. So the girls helped make chocolate chip cookies for them to eat while they were over.

Brent's still sick, so we had a very lazy weekend of just hanging out together at the house. The summer is going so fast and has been so busy; it has been really nice just to be home and do nothing and do it together as a family.

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"Can a girl get some Kool Aid? What! What!" (Ryan wrote this)