Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Spiritual Journey...

"Do not forget Him! Think of Him often; adore Him ceaselessly; live and die with Him. That is the real business of a Christian; in a word, it is our profession. If we do not know it, we must learn it." -brother Lawrence

This quote sums up my focus this week. I've written it on my mirror, on sticky notes, and anywhere else that I might glance throughout the day. Its my reminder to remain in the presence of God throughout the day.

Its funny how God impresses on your heart to memorize things at the same time he's teaching you lessons. As I've been memorizing Matthew 5, the difference between "blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs IS the Kingdom of heaven..." and "blessed are the.... for they SHALL BE..." has accompanied my mind. I know the verbs have been pointed out to me in the past, but I've truly been contemplating the fact that the poor in spirit live in the Kingdom on a daily basis. The others are all a future action that will one day take place, but the poor in spirit is present tense.

All that to say, as I focus on the presence of God throughout the day, I'm also meditating on what it means to live IN the Kingdom of heaven on a daily basis. Interesting thoughts for my little brain to ponder =)

Goals from last week:
  • I'm still memorizing. I'm through Matthew 5:1-6.
  • I'm up every morning, well, except Saturday =)
  • I finished the book "The Practice of the Presence of God" by brother Lawrence
Goals for this next week:
  • Keep getting up! I'm in the last couple months of pregnancy which means good sleep is rare and hard to come by. Even though I'm not sleeping well or at all anymore, I want no excuse to keep me from getting out of that bed in the morning.
  • Pick a new book to start reading
  • Continue memorizing Matthew 5

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OK Gran said...

Kari, I read your blog at least twice weekly and look forward to seeing all that you post. Thank you for sharing all that you do of your spiritual life and journey. It is truly inspiring, even at my age. You are an amazing young woman. Of course the pics of the girls and notes of what they are doing now are a feast for my eyes and heart also.