Monday, January 05, 2009

Mom moment

I had a mommy moment today where I realized that I was going to be THAT mom on the kindergarten steps bawling like a baby as my babies go off to school. I started practicing for that moment today. Today was Avery's first dance class, I teared up in the car as she was asking questions about the class, I teared up watching her learn to point her toes, and I teared up when she came running out of the room with a huge smile on her face saying, "That was so fun mommy. It was kind of hard too, but my teacher just taught me how to do everything. I want to do that again!"
This is her before class...a little nervous about what is about to happen. I know, pictures through a window don't work, but I needed evidence that she actually went into class and had fun =)Thanks Grandma for such a great Christmas present!!!
I'm sure by next week I'll be over the tears, at least I hope so! If not, we'll just blame it on the pregnancy hormones =) For now, I'm just enjoying the moment of watching my little girl overcome her fears of the unknown and push herself to keep learning and not give up even when everyone else could do things she couldn't. Today, in addition to the tears, I was one proud momma.

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jordan said...

Don't worry, Park Glen has a cry room-cry session for mom's. By the third one, you walk out going HALLELUJAH a little peace and sanity.

Actually I don't think Piper cried with any of them.