Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My Spiritual Journey

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The past week has been spent doing a lot of reflection over the past year and refocusing on where I think I need to be more intentional. Brent and I sat down the other night with some reflection questions from simple mom. As we were discussing our past year, books we've read that have impacted us, things we learned, areas we grew, I realized how different this past year looked AFTER I became intentional in my walk with the Lord. Pre July, I can tell you lessons I learned or things I accomplished, but I can't remember areas of refinement or areas where I was pursuing the Lord. Life was a bit more scattered. Post July, when I started to get serious about setting weekly goals, tracking my walk with the Lord, and holding myself accountable to do the things I felt God was calling me to do, I can list numerous specific examples of growth.

So this got me thinking as I've been setting goals for this next year, my growth happens through intentionality. I am not a structured person so this type of structure goes against every fiber of my being, but if I'm serious about becoming a deeper worshiper and lover of God, I must be intentional about it. So I'm starting off the new year with that word on my mind...intentional.

This week I'm refocusing myself and recovering from the lack of intentionality that happens over Christmas break because whatever the opposite of intentional is, that is what I was over the last 2 weeks!

Goals for this week:
1) Begin memorizing the Sermon on the Mount
2) For some reason, the alarm always seems to get shut off during holidays, so this week I will get back in the habit of getting up at 5:30am every morning.
3) Continue to retrain and focus my mind on continuous prayer throughout the day. Feel free to email me prayer requests...I would love to start lifting you all up throughout the day.
4) Work on being able to have a clear and definite answer to question numbers 1, 5, 15,19, and 20 as I set a vision for this next year.
5) Confirm service opportunity for my family

This whole vision casting and thinking about what I want myself to look like and accomplish has been really hard for me. So I'll let you know how I do on # 4 next week =)

If you haven't spent any time reflecting or vision casting for the new year, the first link above has great reflection questions and the second link in goal #4 has vision casting questions. It was really beneficial for Brent and I to sit down and talk through them the other night. I encourage you to go through them at some point as well!

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