Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer is Here

Friday we spent the day at NRH2O, a waterpark here in town. For Elliana's birthday, grandma and grandpa got us season passes so we can go all summer! When we got out of the car and Avery saw the park, she started jumping up and down screaming "I see it, I see it, I see it!" Its so fun to watch the pure joy and excitement on their faces.
The top picture is of me with the girls going down the slide. Its interesting because this year Avery is a bit more aware of danger and so is hesitant to do anything by herself. On the other hand, Elliana is miss independent, has no clue water can be dangerous, and was rather annoyed that I wouldn't let her go down the slide by herself. Interesting dynamics =)
The 2nd picture is during lunch. The park lets you bring coolers in so we were able to bring our own lunch and have a little picnic.
The final picture is of the girls playing in the water. The alligator squirts water out of his nose and Avery was waiting for the water to squirt and get her all wet again. Elliana was waiting some what patiently for her turn. We're working on the whole sharing thing =) And just for the record, Elliana has to wear that many layers at the pool b/c of her kidney problems and the medicines shes on! She won't be the dork at the pool forever =)

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Looks like fun!