Monday, May 26, 2008

Brent's new toy

On Friday we decided to go ahead and buy a scooter for Brent. If you know Brent, you know he had a spreadsheet full of info about how much money we'll save in gas and insurance if we got the scooter. He researched bikes all week and test drove a few Friday morning and then ended up getting a great deal on this bike. We're keeping the Accord for right now, but if the bike works out, we'll probably end up selling the Accord and just having one car. So far he's loving it! He even taught me to drive it last night and it was a blast. In this picture, Avery is sitting on it but no worries, she never got to ride it =) Mommy isn't that nice! The first thing she said Saturday morning when she woke up was, "do you think I'm big enough to ride daddy's new bike now?" I told her maybe when she's 5 =)

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