Friday, May 23, 2008


So one of my goals as a parent is to get to know each child as well as possible. I really want to study them and find out what makes each kid tick. So I thought I would blog about each kid this week. Below is all about Avery at this stage in her life. She loves to color, swim, and play with dolls. If you do any of those 3 things with her, she feels like a princess. She also obeys quite a bit quicker if you have spent time doing one of these activities with her. I guess she feels loved and so reciprocates by showing us respect and obedience. Below I've posted a couple pictures and a video. The video is of Avery coloring and telling me all about what she wants to do today. I hope you can hear it! She is talking all about a white trampoline at a big swimming pool that she wants to jump on today. We've never been to a swimming pool with a trampoline at it before so who knows what made her think of this! Yesterday she wanted to go to the "moon" place with her wagon and it was purple and pink and white. Who knows what that is either!! Her imagination is incredible these days =)

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