Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Cruise

Brent and I went on our first vacation since our Honeymoon. This summer is our 5th anniversary and we both turn 30 this year so we decided to bite the bullet and just go. My parents were gracious enough to watch the girls for us, and we had a blast. I have to say that I wasn't sold on the idea that we needed a vacation, but I knew Brent really wanted to go so I helped make it happen. I am so glad I did. We go on date nights every other week, and we have a lot of fun as a family, but its just not the same as the fun you have without kids on an extended vacation. We got to be adventurous, lazy, silly, and totally irresponsible for a week and it was wonderful. It was such a great reminder to us about who we were before kids. I never want to forget that. After 3 years of being pregnant and nursing, it was needed. In the midst of the beaches, the ocean, the zip lines, and the rappelling, I remembered how to let go and just enjoy life.


Sara Beth said...

Yeah! Glad you're blogging again. We'll try to remember to visit often. Love the pics of the girls. They are so big! Elliana has so much more hair than Zion! Glad you guys got a vacation. We've been saying for the past year that we are taking our 5 year anniversary trip when we are on Stateside next spring--we're going to Italy and letting our parents keep the kids! I'm ready to start planning now!

Justace said...

I remember when yall went on your honeymoon... Brent was trying to get a little sun before yall went so he wouldnt burn... but instead he fell asleep on his deck and got super red and crispy! Do you remember that? =)
-Candace (abell) evans