Saturday, October 10, 2009

You know Its Been a Long Few Days When...

Half way into Wal Mart tonight, Avery looked at my feet and said "Are those your slippers you're wearing?"

"ummmm, yes they are." As I looked at my feet, I suddenly realized not only had I forgotten shoes, I had also forgotten to put on a bra, brush my teeth, and comb my hair. The window of opportunity to get out of the house without all the kids is so slim that I guess I jumped at the opportunity tonight a little too quickly!

For two seconds I thought about going home, but the thought of having to come back to Wal Mart with all 3 kids next week was enough to motivate me to just go in the store regardless of my appearance. I walked through those automatic doors praying I wouldn't see anyone I knew!

So yes, from now on I will never judge another disheveled looking woman who looks like she is wearing her PJs while shopping at Wal Mart. Maybe she had been stuck in the house for 2 days with sick kids and was just anxious to be out too.


Sara Beth said...

Oh Kari that's just funny and not all at the same time. Sorry you guys have had a tough week. Hope everyone is on the mend.

mommykoo said...

HUGs for you KAri. I know how you feel. My kid haven't been 100% either and I feel like I deserve a 2 day 1 night vacation all by myself. LOL! It is a good thing this is only for a season in our lives.