Friday, October 09, 2009

Family Fun Day

Or maybe its better titled "Family Sick Day". Yup, we're all sick this Friday. Even Justus has this pitiful little cough and fever.So we didn't leave the house.

This picture was taken at 6:30pm and notice everyone is still in their PJs. And yes, those are the PJs we slept in the night before. Everyone needs those kinds of days every once in a while =)

Playing make believe, board games, movies, and telling stories in a tent were some of the highlights of the day.
Lucky for us, there were some glow sticks left over from last night's home makeover rally. They made the tent even more fun!
I mostly included the above picture because its not very often you can capture on camera both girls picking their nose at the same time. We'll just say we're still working on the whole hygiene thing =)

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