Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reminds Me of the Cosby Show

Avery talking about how Connor and Bryce were going to come to her birthday party.

Me: "Do you remember that Connor and Bryce moved away? Its a long drive to come to our house. I'm not sure they can come."

A: she got sad for a minute and then said in her excited voice, "I know. Can't we just find 2 kids and call them Connor and Bryce and bring them to the party? They can just pretend to be my best friend and at least I'll have a Connor and Bryce at my party. "

I probably should have been a good mom and talked this through with her. But I couldn't help but picture Rudy from The Cosby Show telling Kenny his name was now Bud.

Anyone else remember that episode? How could you forget the line "my name's not Bud, its Kenny."

Okay, maybe its just me that loves that episode. But I bet everyone loves this one. Click here to see one of the greats =)


Jen McManus said...

Can't wait till I see her face when we surprise her! Ssshhh don't tell, but Connor and Bryce will be there(luckily no one else has to pretend to be them hahaha!!)

Sara Beth said...

I remember that one! You have to love the Cosby show. Some friends in our old city had a few of the first seasons and we'd borrow them to watch from time to time...such a great family show!

Nancy said...

The Cosby Show was always a favorite - lots of humor and a great depiction of instilling solid family values. I DO remember the naming of BUD! and this clip also. I'm so glad Avery got to see Connor and Bryce - a fabulous birthday surprise!