Thursday, October 08, 2009

First Day of School

Its official. Avery has started preschool. Deciding to let her go was pretty easy. Actually letting her go was hard!!!
She was so excited. Little sister wasn't so excited. E hugged Aves tight in the parking lot and then said, "I want to go to preschool too."I bought a special activity book for E and I to do together on the days Avery is in school. It was fun to just sit with E and have no one else compete for attention. The house was so quite though. When big sister isn't home, there's no chase happening, there's no screaming and laughter filling the house, there's no huge messes from hours of playing make believe. It was weird. I think we're all going to have to adjust to this.
The decision to send Avery to school came down to the middle child syndrome. I was a middle child so definitely have sympathy =) We realized that this next year will be the only time that I will ever get alone time with Elliana. With Avery at school and Justus taking a morning nap, I can spend my morning investing in Elliana. That fact was enough to motivate me to send my baby off to school for the first time.

This watching your kids grow up is going to be hard for me!!

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Jen McManus said...

I'm so happy that you get that special time with Elliana. I'm also totally jealous that the cool weather seems to have struck Keller, long sleeves and pants??? ahh man it's so hot here!