Wednesday, August 05, 2009

New Accountability Partners

The girls have become my new workout accountability partners. They wake up asking "when are we going to the gym". They love the gym day care. Well, honestly I'm not sure if they love the daycare or if they love the fact that they get to watch whatever cartoon they want while they are at the daycare. Mean mommy won't let them watch much TV at home =)

So their new game is to play "going to the gym". Then they make up all these exercises to do while at the gym. When I work out at home, they are right next to me doing every sit up, push up, and lunge right along with me.

Last night, Brent said they were "exercising" through the whole bath time and this morning I heard Elliana say to Avery "I'll be back to play in a minute. First I need to do some exercising." This video is what occurred next.

Back to the accountability part...I had a meeting for school this morning and as soon as the other teacher left, both girls started asking "when are we going to the gym?" I looked at them and said "maybe tomorrow." I had already showered and didn't want to get gross and was just too tired to go today.

I'll be honest. They were pretty insistent about going so I tried bribing them with Let's Jump. They wouldn't have it. Not even tons of jump houses could deter them from getting me to the gym. They reminded me I promised them I would take them to the gym today. So to the gym we went.

The whole teaching your kids not to lie so now I have to keep my promises thing really bit me in my behind. hmmmm. Not too sure I like living with my accountability partners =)

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