Saturday, August 08, 2009

Family Fun Day

Only 2 more days until Family Vacation! Which meant Brent needed to work this Friday so he could make sure everything that needed to get done by next week was done so we could all enjoy our vacation!

I had a fun day though. The girls helped me make homemade bread, we mowed the yard, we did some laundry, went to Let's Jump with the Kimmels, ate at a fun new McDonalds, napped, and then swam in the backyard.
The best part of the day was date night though. Brent surprised me this week with tickets to a murder mystery dinner at the Gaylord Texan. He even arranged for the babysitter without any help from me. I was impressed =) Our 6th anniversary was last weekend, but I was a bit under the weather so even though we went on a date, it wasn't the greatest anniversary celebration we've ever had. So last night, Brent took me out and we pretended like it was our anniversary celebration and just blocked last weekend from our memory. It was a blast! Thanks babe for a great night and for 6 great years of marriage. Who knew 6 years could go so fast?! We've moved 3 times, finished seminary, I quit my job, you started your job,we bought our first house, and we've had 3 kids in the past 6 years. Hmmmm...wonder what the next 6 will hold for us =)

Can you believe I took no pictures the entire day? I'm slipping in my old age =)

And now I'm packing and cleaning so we can take off after church tomorrow. I can't wait!

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Jen McManus said...

Have a fantastic time at family camp. Some of my greatest memories with my family on vacation was not going to DisneyWorld(Shock I know), but going to family camp every year. Can't wait for pictures!!!