Friday, April 03, 2009

Family Fun Day

I had high hopes for Family Fun Day this week. My hip is finally starting to feel better, Justus is on a good schedule, and we were all needing some time away from the house. Here was the breakdown of our day.We spent the morning with Justus at the doctor. We got home in time to take the girls outside, and I sat in the driveway while they rode bikes with Brent and checked out all the garage sales up the street.Then early naps for everyone because we had fun activities planned for the afternoon! Notice the word "had". The best made plans often fail I guess =) Unfortunately, I'm still not used to the whole 3 hours schedule again so by the time the girls got up, I fed Justus, then the girls needed a snack, then we got clothes on everyone, then found shoes, cleaned up the mess of toys, took everyone potty, and got ready to go, it was 30 minutes until Justus needed to eat again. He still takes 45 min. to eat so by the time he was done, Friday evening traffic on the interstate would have been horrible. I guess I need to work on getting the girls clothes, shoes, and snacks ready before I nurse so we can walk out the door as soon as Justus is done eating!
So we settled for more bike riding, Brent fixed the garage door, I played beauty parlor with Elliana, and we went on a family trip to Wal mart to pick out some new shoes for Avery. We were going to go out to eat because the girls have been cooped up in the house so much, but my hip isn't doing as well as I thought and ended up coming back home for dinner.I guess the point is that we spent the day as a family even if we didn't do any of what we had planned! I am itching to get back to normal though!

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Minters - The Other Side of the Story said...

I didn't know "normal" existed when you had kids....? :)

I hope you feel better!