Monday, August 04, 2008

New quote

Last night was the first night of Sports Camp at church, and I'm coaching the 1st-6th graders in soccer. As I sat down with the 1st graders for a snack break, I started asking them questions about the skit they had seen earlier that night about Saul on the road to Damascus. This was the resulting conversation.

1st grade girl: "I think that God was up in His house, you know like in that song "In My Father's House". He sits up in His house and then when you pray he goes zoooooom down here to hear your prayer and then goes zooooooom back up to His house."

My response: Do you know God can be everywhere at the same time?

1st grade boy: No way Coach! Do you have any idea how big the earth is? (as he looked at me with the look that said he thought I was not very bright)

And so ensued a great impromptu discussion which made our 5 minute snack break turn into 15 minutes. Don't you love how kids' brains work?!! Can't wait to hear what they have to say tonight

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