Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I am a new fan of Cooks Children's Hospital in Fort Worth! Today was Elliana's annual VCUG test. In the past we've taken both girls to a clinic to get the test done. It was 45 minutes of holding them still while they had a cath in and the nurses attempted to get X-rays of everything they needed. Today was so much better!

The hospital had newer equipment that allowed them to get the results they needed in 15 minutes with no X-rays! I stayed out in the waiting area with Avery and Brent took Elliana back. He said Els kepts saying "owie, owie, all done, all done" over and over again, so he was very thankful that he only had to hold her down for 15 minutes this time. And Avery is very protective of her little sister so is very curious why God doesn't hurry up and finish making Elliana's tummy =) I think the cutest part with Avery was when she heard Elliana crying through the door and she started said, "where's my sister? What are they doing to my sister? Why is my sister crying?!" I thought she was going to march down the hall until she found who was responsible for Elliana's crying.

Elliana has a little pain when she goes to the bathroom, but other than that, I think she's already forgotten about the whole thing. Thank you to good nurses and good equipment that can make unpleasant procedures so much better!

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