Friday, August 08, 2008


We saw Dora and Boots today at the Water park today. Avery could hardly contain her excitement. She was jumping up and down all morning with a huge smile on her face saying, "this is going to be a fun day!" The funny thing is, we don't have cable so she never watches Dora, and we don't own or rent any Dora videos for her to see. She saw Dora once at Grandma and Grandpa's house 4 months ago, and she does have one Dora book, but still you would have thought she was an avid fan with all her excitement!
So we wait in line to get our chance to see Dora. Of course Dora is 15 min late and in the 15 minutes, Elliana has to go potty twice and Avery goes once. I put that little fact in there because any of you with kids can sympathize with how annoying it is to take kids potty at the pool. Wet swim suits and wet swim diapers and gross, wet bathrooms...yuck =) I hope if we ever have another kid its a boy so Brent can experience the joy of taking kids to the restroom! Dora finally arrives, and we wait for another 35 minutes until we get to the front of the line, and then right as I'm getting the kids ready to go sit next to Dora, Dora gets hot and needs to take a break. Grrrrrrr, so close!

As you can see, Elliana is not an avid fan of Dora. I think her scream was loud enough to communicate that fact very clearly to everyone who happened to be swimming today.

After all the pictures were through and we were walking away, Avery stopped me and said, "wait, why we leaving already. I wanted to play with Boots." She wasn't buying this whole waiting in line for an hour just to sit next to Dora and Boots for 3 seconds! So she ran back to touch Boots and say hi one more time and then blew them kisses as she walked away. The things you do for your kiddos =)

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