Saturday, June 28, 2008

Some Firsts

We had a big weekend of first time experiences for the girls. The big exciting one is maybe going to be a little gross for those of you who don't have kids =) But yesterday for Elliana's 14 month celebration, she went #2 in the big girl potty!!! And no, I'm not trying to potty train her yet, but still very exciting that I had one less poopy diaper to change yesterday. I really do think she did know what she was doing when she was up there though. I won't go into the gross details to tell you how I know though =) Pretty fun stuff for a mom who hates changing dirty diapers!

Avery also ate her first corn on the cob this past week. Being from Iowa, I've always been pretty picky about my corn on the cob. You usually can't get really good corn in the South. But I found some this past week, and we all enjoyed it tremendously! You can't beat hamburgers and corn on the cob in the summer =)

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Justace said...

hurrah! that is so cute! I love corn too!