Thursday, June 19, 2008

It Has Arrived!

Brent's deer has finally arrived, and it is already hanging in his office. It came just in time as we said good bye to all the deer in the freezer this past weekend. Not that we actually ate all of it already. I accidently left the garage freezer door open last week when I grabbed some meat out of it, and so all that was left was ruined. I have to admit though that I was not sad to dump the remaining meat in the trash! This deer was pretty big and so a little gamey. We've been eating it for 8 months, and I was definitely ready for some meat without the extra kick! Below are some pictures of his deer as well as the rest of his office in the new building.


The Milfords: said...

That was a huge deer! I can't believe you ate on it for 8 months! Are you sure it was a "accident" that the freezer door was left open? :)

Justace said...

cool office!