Saturday, July 19, 2008

There's Something in the air

There's something about vacation air that makes your children not want to sleep. I'm blogging right now in order to remember the fun times we had today and not the 4 hours I've spent today trying to get kids to sleep. So here's the fun stuff...the not so fun stuff, I'll try to ignore it for 9 more days!

Avery learned to ride a bike and Elliana learned how to annoy the snot out of a puppy.
Avery also learned how to hit a ball with a bat, well sort of. I guess she learned the whole concept of what's supposed to happen when the ball comes your way and you have a bat in your hands. Elliana also learned all about stairs. Her new favorite word is "tairs, tairs".

And don't forget the time spent playing Guitar Hero. With 3 nephews in the house, how could I not spend considerable time playing Guitar Hero? Maybe I can make it to the medium level by Wednesday =)

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