Wednesday, July 16, 2008


By 6:00pm I finally had all the girls' stuff labeled and organized and ready to put in a suitcase. I just need to finish my stuff and clean the house. Sometimes getting ready for a trip is exhausting!

Tomorrow morning the girls and I will leave for our 10 day trip North. I can't wait to see my sisters and brother-in-laws and all their kiddos! I pray it will be a good time. I don't do well without sleep, and I don't sleep well when I'm not in my bed. I also don't do well without Brent kicking me in the butt telling me to get over myself and my tiredness and have a good time (figuratively of course =) ) I'm praying that Elliana sleeps past 5:30am (her standard waking time when not in her own bed). I'm praying Avery will sleep even though she has to share a bed with me. I'm praying I will sleep even though I have to share a bed with Avery. And most of all, I'm praying that we'll all just relax and not worry about the 2 weeks after vacation when life is a bit rocky as the girls readjust to reality. Vacation here we come!!!!

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