Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saturday Fun

So no posts for a week; needless to say, its been a busy roller coaster of a week!But today was the highlight of the week, Avery's b-day party. Her actual b-day was last week, so she got a full week of birthday celebration! Fun times. For her birthday, she decided she wanted to bring cupcakes to school, a castle cake and to play Simon Says and Red Light, Green Light with her friends. So we...

took cupcakes to school on Monday
And then today at her b-day party, we played Red Light, Green Light

Simon Says
Rock, Rock, Be A Rock
Ate some castle cake
Opened some cool presentshit open a pinata full of candy
Ate some hotdogs and fruit
played a little Wii with our best friends who now live in Austin.
fell into bed exhausted
and then we ended the evening with a great dinner and a little ice cream for the two birthday girls! (Brent's mom's b-day is today as well!)Who could ask for a better 4th birthday =)

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