Thursday, December 03, 2009


Elliana kept getting in trouble this morning for using mean words. She kept saying things like:

"Avery that's an ugly dress."

"I'm going to rip that dress."

"Avery you're going to cry."
Finally after the 4th time of her getting in trouble, I finally realized what was going on. She's trying to play Cinderella with Avery! She wants Avery to be Cinderella and she wanted to be her fairy godmother.

You know the scene from the garden where Cinderella runs out crying because the mean step sisters have just ripped her dress to pieces and the fairy godmother tells Cinderella that her dress just won't do and gives her a new dress. Elliana was trying to act out that scene; the rest of us just didn't know what she was doing and so interpreted her actions as using unkind words to her sister.

I think I need to start asking questions before I give out discipline!


mommykoo said...

this is such a beautiful picture of her!!! and your fam pic on your banner is awesome too. =)

Kari said...