Monday, February 11, 2008

Avery and Elliana's new tricks

Here is Elliana signing "more" and "all done". I think she may have inherited both her mommy and daddy's stubbornness so we're trying to teach her to sign instead of throw a fit to get her way. Its been so nice at the dinner table to see her sign what she needs instead of arch her back and scream =)
So I started by filming the video above because I wanted to capture Elliana's first two words that she learned how to sign. But Avery likes to be center stage and so was very insistent that I then capture one of her new found talents, singing. She has a little bit of her daddy's personality and is not all that shy about saying what she wants =) Within the last month, she has just started learning how to engage others in conversation and sing entire songs just for fun. Its so fun to watch her grow up and learn all sorts of new things.

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Beth said...

It's about time. I have tried to email you and couldn't get through and you are on my "blogs to read", but it's been awhile since you posted. Good to read!